Just like the dress, the cake, and the venue, your wedding invitations are a chance for you and your love to showcase your unique style in a way that makes your friends and family sigh and say, “that is sooooo them!” But, even more important, as the event’s opening act (and one that takes place months before the actual shindig), your save-the-date stationary and formal wedding invitations should set the tone of your whole wedding, and give your guests an idea of what they’re in for… ahem, that is, what they have to look forward to.

Whether you’re planning a garden soiree with close friends and family, or an extravagant wedding weekend in the woods, your invitation design is the first real chance you get to articulate your vision to your (painstakingly selected) guests –  so make the most of it!

There are so many options when it comes to invitation style and design that we thought an overview was in order. Here are our fave wedding invitation style picks for you to check out – from letterpress, to laser cut and everything in between. We challenge you to create a wedding invitation that incorporates them all!

  1. Hand Painted Wedding Invitations

If you’re keen on something truly one-of-a-kind, you can’t go past wedding invites hand painted with watercolour and ink. You can go for a design created with a whimsical approach, or opt for a hand painted design that reveals the wedding location or theme. Either way the results are simply stunning.


  1. Foil Stamped Invites

Foil stamped wedding invitations provide just the right balance of romance and edgy cool. From gilded floral accents to geometric patterns, gold foil is traditionally the most popular choice, but any metallic hue will do to make a bold statement on your wedding stationary



  1. Letterpress Printed Wedding Invites

Letterpress is a classic, centuries old art form, which involves printing with plates and ink (there is MUCH more to it, but that is beyond the scope of this article. If you are hungry for details check out this one), and results in beautiful and tactile impressions on your wedding invitations. These days, letterpress printing incorporates its antique print method and modern day design, illustration and typography styles to gorgeous effect.



  1. Laser Cut & Engraved Invites

Laser machining is a form of modern manufacturing that uses an intense, focused beam of light to cut through or engrave almost any material. So whether you are planning a rustic wedding and need timber engraved invitations to complete the look, or if you want to create a 3D effect with multiple layers of paper laser cut and glued or stitched back together again, laser machined invites are a show-stopping option.


  1. Travel Themed Wedding Invites

If you’re planning a destination wedding – or hosting your I’do’s at any locale that isn’t home – you could take advantage of the fun that is travel themed wedding invitations. You can let your imagination wander (pun intended) and incorporate all manner of travel paraphernalia into your invite design, from maps, to boarding passes, to location specific postcard illustrations. Go wild!


So many options, only one wedding day – eek! Which wedding invitation style most floats your boat?

Stay tuned for more wedding inspo from us here at The Grange!

Love, Mel xx


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