Lace! Feathers! Tulle! Oh my! There are so many gorgeous details to fall in love with when choosing your ideal wedding dress, but first things first! Decide on the silhouette that works best for you and flatters your figure the most, and then match this silhouette with your personal style and add the gorgeous details afterwards. Some brides will find this perfect balance immediately; others will try on EVERYTHING and still be unsure. But don’t get disheartened! It takes time to find your perfect wedding gown.

To help you on your way we’ve handpicked our fave wedding dress styles of the season, including timeless lace, 3D florals and fun feathers. There is sure to be something that sparks your imagination below!

  1. Lacey Numbers

No longer just the go-to style of the traditionalist bride, lace is fast becoming the fabric of choice for the modern, vintage, or bohemian bride, with many designers taking a fresh look at the bridal staple this season. Evoking a carefree, ultra feminine and timeless sense of romance, lace has been reimagined this season as the perfect partner to an illusion neckline or full bodice, allowing the intricate lace pattern to show through.

  1. Feathered Frocks

Reminiscent of the roaring 20’s ‘flapper’ style, but with an elegant modern-day twist, feathered wedding dresses are trending in a big way right now. From full-feather skirts of all shapes, sizes, and hues (check out the gorgeous ombre feathered skirt below!), to feathered details in brooches, around the waist, or even in a headpiece, there are many ways to get your wedding feathers on. Let your imagination take flight!

  1. 3D Floral Appliques

Floral appliqués have long been a favourite with brides, but the latest trend of embellishing gowns with three-dimensional florals, increasingly in combination with an illusion bodice or soft tulle skirt, is breathing new life into the style. Long-sleeved, capped sleeved, and sleeveless gowns rock the look equally well, whether the effect be an oversized laser-cut appliqué or intricate beaded adornment.

  1. Plunging Gowns

If you dare to take the plunge (pun intended!), a plunging neckline is the sexiest style to hit the bridal runways in a long time. It certainly takes the ‘grandma’ out of a long-sleeved wedding dress, and puts the ‘wow’ into just about any other style of gown. So pull out those trusty chicken fillets or double sided tape and pull your shoulders back!


  1. Unique Wedding Dresses

And as with every other aspect of your wedding, your dress is another excuse to show off your unique style – whether that means you go for a wedding dress that is a fringed mini, a crop top and skirt, a vibrant floral printed gown, or even a dinner suit! Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and unique, after all, this is YOUR big day!

Whatever You're Into

What style of wedding dress is your favourite?

Stay tuned for more wedding inspo from us here at The Grange!

Love, Mel xx


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Imagery with thanks: Grace Loves Lace, Judy Copley Couture,,