When most brides-to-be think of wedding fashion they think of the wedding dress, followed (at quite a distance) by the bridesmaid dresses, the mother-of-the-bride’s outfit, the flower girl’s dress, the guests attire, and THEN, maybe (at the back of their overworked wedding planning brains), they might consider the perfect bridal hairstyle. But brides! What about your groom?! Putting aside the very important fact that this guy is the love of your life who you are going to MARRY, he is also going to be standing next to you all day, not to mention in a heap of stunning piccies you will be flicking through forever. So you want him to look only slightly less gorgeous than you on your wedding day!

To help you both get suitably excited about suiting up your groom for your wedding, here are our fave suit style picks to ensure your groom’s personality shines through on his big day, including classic suits, hipster wedding outfits, and colourful and quirky groom suits that are sure to be the talk of the event!

  1. Classic Groom Suits

Over the last decade or so there has been a huge move away from the traditional, formal tux style suit, to a more relaxed style in shades other than black, like charcoal and grey. But if your groom would rock this timeless, elegant look, consider a classic suit in black, very dark grey, or charcoal, single breasted (which flatters most builds) with one or two buttons rather than a dated three button style. And don’t hold back on the accessories! Let the sharp suit speak for your groom’s impeccable Bond stylings, and his choice of cufflinks, belt, shoes, watch, and boutonniere reveal his inner awesome.

  1. Groom Suits With A Hint Of Personality


If your groom wants to stand out, but not TOO much, think about tarting up his suit with a colourful bow tie, vest, or pocket handkerchief, or mix up the single colour jacket and pants look by matching his pants to his vest for a new spin on an old faithful style. And don’t overlook the boutonniere! A great florist can make quite the style statement with colourful blooms, feathers, buttons, and ribbons.

  1. Quirky Groom & Groomsmen Outfits

If your groom’s style is more than a little left of centre, there are a million and one ways he can spruce up his suit and accessories to let his quirky side peek through! From colour block socks to old school pocket watches and foxy cufflinks, your wedding is all about the two of you and your own personal style – so whatever his wild heart desires should be A-OK (as long as it doesn’t clash with the flowers or tablecloths or centrepieces or bridesmaid dresses or flower girl’s headpiece, of course)!

  1. Hipster Wedding Outfits


Hipster is a wedding suit style that has been increasing in popularity for the last couple of years, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere fast. So if your groom is a hipster at heart, you won’t have to work hard to convince him to suit up! He can just reach into his existing wardrobe, pull out his faithful tweed vest, plaid shirt, leather suspenders and camel print skinny tie, roll up his shirt sleeves to reveal his fresh ink, and polish his tan loafers. Done!

  1. Groom & His Boys… & His Girl!

No matter your groom’s personality, style preference, or build, the most important thing about his get-up on your wedding day is how it looks next to his groomsmen, and of course, you! If he can hit upon the perfect tie colour or tone of leather in his shoes, it could end up being just the thing to pull the whole wedding style together.

Groom & His Boys

It’s all about standing out from the pack when it comes to your groom and his boys…

Groom & His Girl

And making his bride look even more perfect!

What grooms suit style is your favourite?

Stay tuned for more wedding inspo from us here at The Grange!

Love, Mel xx


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