With so many gorgeous wedding photos out there on the inter webs, it may seem like choosing a photographer for your big day would be as simple as letting your Googles do the walking. But shopping for a wedding photographer is not the same as choosing your wedding dress or picking the perfect up-do. The most important difference being that you won’t be able to see the pics until after your wedding day – and by then it’s too late to request a do-over!

So we’ve put together an inspirational wedding photography gallery to help you decide what sort of wedding snaps you luuurrrve. This can go a long way towards helping you decide whether a photographer is right for you, as most dedicated wedding photographers have oodles of images sitting in impressive online portfolios you can gawp at before you even send that introductory email.

Chock full of wedding photos ranging from Modern Glam to Uniquely Quirky and everything in between, drooling over this gallery of snaps will hopefully help you decide what photography style you go ga-ga over. Will it be fully staged group shots, loved-up cuddles in a field of lavender, or completely candid pics that reveal the ‘real you’? Read on to find out!

  1. Modern Glam Wedding Pic Inspiration

If you’re the polished and elegant, 5-tier wedding cake, 5 metre trailing veil type bride-to-be, you’ll be struck spellbound by this Modern Glam style of wedding photography. While this style regularly incorporates arty and loved-up elements, it is primarily about capturing images that are destined to go straight to the pool room – and after all the dosh spent on perfecting your look why NOT opt for wedding photos that have the wow factor?


Inspirational Wedding Photography 10

  1. Arty & Unique Wedding Photography

Does your dream bridal get-up include bold statement pieces like a feathered headpiece, graffiti-print train, or high heeled snakeskin boots? You will likely melt over this artsy-inspired style of wedding photography. Suited to photographers who have an eye for wide-angled shots that perfectly capture your bridal party against the broader scene, and who can find beauty in the seemingly mundane details or backdrops. If you love this style make sure you show your would-be photographers some examples! They will let you know whether this sort of thing is their bag or not.

Inspirational Wedding Photography 3


  1. Destination Wedding Photography

If you are elbow deep researching your ultimate snow, sand, or other seasonal wedding locale, you will need to set your sights on a wedding photographer who knows the ropes when it comes to destination weddings. There is an art to capturing the shot in extreme conditions (things like having to keep your camera cold in colder climates to avoid having the lens fog up at the all-important moment, and adding UV and polarising filters to cameras when at the beach to reduce haze and reflections) that only the experienced destination photographers will be fit to handle. Ask for examples of work that demonstrate a thorough grasp of destination wedding photography before you sign the dotted line.


Inspirational Wedding Photography 5

  1. Back to Nature Wedding Snaps

Found the perfect nature-based wedding locale? You should hunt around to find a photographer who loves nature as much as you do! The fields of lavender, the rocky outcrops, the wooded wonderland behind the reception hall – all of these would have been the venue features that won you over in the first place, so make sure your chosen photographer has ‘the eye’ to see them – and snap them – too. While you will swoon over the detailed photos of your dress hanging in the window and the close up of the bouquet, if what you’re REALLY after is the dress hanging from a tree then make sure you and your photographer are on the same wavelength before you book them.


Inspirational Wedding Photography 11

Inspirational Wedding Photography 6


  1. Uniquely Quirky Wedding Photography 

Love over-sized balloons? Want to include your pet in the wedding ceremony? Or have another unique style element that is top of your ‘must-have wedding shots’ list? Most wedding photographers will be well versed in the best ways to incorporate your quirks into their photographical style, but just make sure you allow time to discuss EXACTLY what you expect them to do! Be specific, provide examples, and have all the required props, kids, and pets available during the post-ceremony allotted photo session. You don’t want to spend months planning only to forget to ‘get the shot’ on the big day!

Inspirational Wedding Photography 8

Inspirational Wedding Photography 12

      6.   Wedding Photography Chock Full ‘O Love

And last but not least, if you want heaps of piccies of you and your betrothed looking gorgeous and loved-up as heck, find yourself a photographer who has a few of these sorts of shots in their portfolio. This will be most if not all, but you will get a sense of whether the ‘mood’ of the loved-up shots are what you have pictured in your mind’s eye, or whether they miss the mark for you. You’re paying a small fortune for these pics so make sure your chosen photographer can take the sorts of shots you have been daydreaming about!

And that’s a wrap! So much wedding photo inspiration in one little post! Phew!

Stay tuned for more wedding inspo from us here at The Grange!

Love, Mel xx


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Imagery with thanks: Melanie Edelko, Cortney Smith Photography, Bridal Musings Wedding Blog, Ruffled Blog, brides.com, www.tesselaarflowers.com.au