If you’re newly engaged (or still single and just daydreaming, no judgement!) and ankle deep in wedding planning, chances are you’re already familiar with the social bookmarking giant, Pinterest.

The perfect online hub for collecting all your wedding dress, cake, shoe, hairstyle, invitation, and countless other wedding related ideas and inspiration, Pinterest is a fantastic way to make planning for your wedding day more manageable. With all your favourite wedding ideas stored in the one place, and a gazillion inspirational pics from wedding planners, dress designers, florists, and the like available at a simple scroll and click, brides-to-be everywhere can rejoice that there is no more ripping pages out of wedding mags and taping them in a scrapbook like your Nana did! 

Even better, each Pinterest image or ‘Pin’ is usually linked to a website where you can buy the item you’re lusting after, learn how to DIY it, or become more informed in general about your latest wedding obsession. 

So! To help you make the most out of Pinterest for your wedding, we’ve put together our top tips, from creating boards to following industry leaders, and how not to get sucked down the wedding wanderlust rabbit hole! 

  1. Join Pinterest & Create Some Wedding-Specific Boards

First things first! If you haven’t already, create a Pinterest account at www.pinterest.com and download the Pinterest app at the App Store so you can browse on both your desktop and smartphone. Once you are all set up the next step is to create some wedding planing ‘Boards’. To help you keep track of your ideas and narrow down preferences, it’s best to create Boards with quite specific categories i.e., rather than a catch-all ‘Wedding Ideas’ Board with 4000+ Pins on it, create separate Boards for specific planning areas like ‘My Wedding Dress’, ‘Dream Wedding Shoes’, ‘Gorgeous Wedding Cakes’, ‘Bridesmaid Dresses’, etc. That way you can find your ‘dream’ dress more easily when you meet with a dress designer, shop owner, or dressmaker and say, “I’m looking for something like this.” You can even create ‘Secret Boards’ if you want to keep some of your more private wedding planning ideas under wraps until the Big Day! 

  1. Follow Those in the Know

While there is a seemingly endless supply of Pins to pin and Pinners to follow on Pinterest (say that 10 times quickly!), it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on what the wedding industry leaders are pinning to their boards to gain inspiration from their collection of creative and beautiful ideas. Wedding magazines and blogs including Brides, The Knot, Hello May, and Style Me Pretty are big in the Pinterest community. As a case in point, Style Me Pretty currently has 94 boards which are home to 100,000+ Pins viewed by in excess of 5 million followers. That’s a lot of wedding inspo!


  1. Start Pinning

Once your wedding Boards are set up and you’re following some inspirational Pinners, it’s time to start filling your Boards with your dream wedding Pins! Either search for a specific item or category in the top search bar, or click the Pinterest icon in the top left hand corner of the site to browse the latest Pins from the people you follow. Once you’ve found a picture you luuuurve, hover over it until the ‘Pin It’ button appears and click on that (you can also ‘heart’ it or send it to a friend). Pinterest will ask you which of your existing Boards you would like to add the Pin to and then voila! You have successfully pinned! Visiting your Boards and Pins will help you to visualise what your dream wedding actually looks like, can help you articulate your dreams to friends, family and wedding professionals, and generally inspire creativity with your planning.


  1. Install the ‘Pin It’ Bookmarklet

If you’re a Google Chrome browser user, it’s easy to add a Pin to one of your Boards when you’re surfing the net outside of Pinterest too. Just head to about.pinterest.com/en/goodies and install the Pin It browser extension or Pin It Bookmarklet. Once installed you will see the round Pinterest icon in the top right of your browser, which you can click on anytime you want to grab an image from a website and add it to one of your Boards. When you Pin from a website using the Pin It button or bookmarklet Pinterest adds the source link so your Pin credits the original image creator, and so people can navigate back to the creator’s website if they want to buy or learn more. You can also add the Pin It button or bookmarklet to your smartphone.  

  1. Avoiding the Pinterest Wedding Wanderlust Rabbit Hole

As Mashable wrote back in 2012, “Pinterest is the perfect place to plan your wedding, whether you’re wearing a ring or not.” So what happens if you have no wedding date deadline to work towards? What if you have all the time in the world to browse and Pin and daydream? You run the risk of getting sucked into the Pinterest Wedding Wanderlust Rabbit Hole that’s what! When you have a similar number of Boards to Style Me Pretty, with 1000s of Pins and a pretty vague picture of what your actually wedding will look and feel like, it’s not clear whether Pinterest (and all the hours you’ve spent on it!) have been a help or a hindrance in your wedding planning progress. This is also true for engaged Pinners and so common that many wedding planners now advise their brides-to-be to stop Pinning a few months before their wedding day, to avoid second-guessing style choices and already-in-process plans. So my advice to the not-yet-engaged Pinner is to create boards that all end in ‘Ideas’, i.e, ‘Wedding Dress Ideas’, ‘Grooms Suit Ideas’, and to leave it until you’re ACTUALLY engaged before creating Boards that relate to your ACTUAL wedding. You can save Pins to more than one Board, so if all your hours/weeks/years of Pinning have gleaned some ‘perfect’ wedding dress Pins you can Re-Pin them to your new ‘My Wedding Dress’ Board, no worries. That way you can feel free to dream AND still use Pinterest as a planning tool closer to your wedding day. 

Have you signed up to Pinterest yet? 

Stay tuned for more wedding inspo from us here at The Grange!

Love, Mel xx


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Imagery with thanks: Pinterest.com