V Day is just around the corner and already the pre-proposal jitters are starting to show on the shaky hands and tied tongues of hopefully-soon-to-be-engaged folks around the world. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to pop the question, mainly because it’s already laden with skyscraper-high romantic expectations and you know, when in Rome…! But Valentine’s Day can also be a tricky day to propose, because so many people are piling on the romance and NOT about to pop anything except champagne, so the pressure is really on to put on a show. 

So how do you hope to make an impression on your loved one amongst all the fierce competition? 

Many wedding proposals these day are extravagant affairs, planned with military precision and immediately posted on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for all the world to see and comment on (as long as the answer is yes!). but what if your lady love doesn’t like grand gestures or being the centre of attention? Can you still call in the flash mob?

How about you put aside the Hollywood-inspired concept boards and instead put your own spin on one of these tried and tested romantic – and foolproof – proposal ideas? She will thank you for it!

  1. Romantic Beach Wedding Proposal

According to a recent survey of 2000 women, 1 out of 4 agree that the perfect proposal should take place after exactly two years of dating, on a deserted beach, on Valentine’s Day. And if you really want to ensure a resounding ‘yes!’ then you need to include an element of surprise (32%), a romantic setting (21%), and get down on one knee (20%). Very specific! But in this sun-drenched land of ours in the height of Summer, a romantic proposal on a beach is actually pretty simple! Get the family and friends together to do the actual asking for you via a few strategically positioned painted surfboards, or pack a picnic and hang the ring off the crown of a fresh pineapple.

  1. Romantic Dinner Wedding Proposal

Plenty of proposal stories start with a romantic candlelit dinner in a fine dining restaurant, ending with the fiancé-to-be finding a diamond ring at the bottom of her champagne flute. These are lovely stories, but are they ‘you’? Maybe it would suit you better to head back to the place you first met and relive the magic of that initial spark? Or to enjoy a casual dinner at your all-time fave restaurant, or at the end of a deserted pier with all food prepared at home and served with BYO craft beer? If it feels like you’re forcing the romance card too far out of your comfort zone, you are likely to be even more nervous! Relax, find somewhere beautiful AND suited to you both, and just have fun with it!


  1. Adventurous Or Nature-Based Wedding Proposal

Particularly appealing for ladies who prefer a private proposal, nature-based proposals are high up there on the list of top question-popping locations. Imagine going on a hike and then proposing to her on top of the world, complete with breathtaking views! If your gal is a more of a thrill-seeker consider popping the question mid scuba dive or snowboard run. An adrenaline junkie’s ultimate high! If, however she’s the type of lady who loves posting things on Facebook and Instagram but only if she’s wearing a full face of makeup and her Sunday best outfit, then maybe you should opt for a dressy dinner proposal instead!

  1. Home-Based Wedding Proposal

When you hear ‘home-based wedding proposal’ romantic visions of fireworks and violins don’t immediately spring to mind. BUT there are some huge benefits to hosting your proposal shindig in your own backyard (literally!). You have more time to set up so you can go wild with fairy lights, decorations, and projector screens displaying your favourite happy snaps of your life together. You can also incorporate your favourite furry friends into the action! And above all, you are comfortable so you can say everything you want to say, unselfconsciously cry with happiness together when she says yes, and then “celebrate” together in total privacy! That’s what I call a successful proposal!

  1. Scavenger Hunt Wedding Proposal

If you are feeling particularly creative and forward-thinking, consider putting together a mini scavenger hunt for your wedding proposal. This is a great way to introduce an element of fun and excitement into the whole affair, and has the added benefit of giving your bride-to-be a HUGE heads up that something big is about to go down! If she makes it to the end of the hunt, she is yours!



So many great ways to propose this Valentine’s Day! Which one will you choose?

Stay tuned for more wedding inspo from us here at The Grange!

Love, Mel xx


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